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Thursday 100 Plus

When 100 Words Just Aren't Enough...

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Entirely inspired by tobiascharity's amazing lawandorder100 Law & Order drabble community, which was in turn inspired by other drabble communities out there (tww100, csi100, sunday100, and wednesday100). Because lawandorder100 was an incredibly cool idea, but we also needed a home for L&O fics that refused to squeeze into the 100 word limit.

Note: thursday100plus was created in November of 2003 by ciroccoj, who acted as moderator. bast2, jenniferjames and officerjudy joined as co-mods in February of 2005. officerjudy became the sole moderator in July of 2005. bast2 became sole moderator after that. fearciuil became sole moderator in July of 2008. deliciouslycrzy became moderator in June of 2010.

Almost everything that applies on lawandorder100 also applies over here. To wit:

  1. All incarnations of L&O and all types of fics are welcome. Gen, het, slash, romance, adventure, homily, whatever you think of that fits the current challenge.

  2. Challenges will be posted on every other Thursdays (as long as I remember or am reminded to post them). You will then have two weeks to come up with something between 101-800 words long, which you can name a drabble, double-drabble, mini-story, vignette, vinaigrette, or whatever term fills your heart with joy. Please note: The 101-800 words is a guideline, not an actual limit. We break the 800-word mark regularly here with glee and abandon. Just make sure you put long stories behind a cut link.

  3. Cut Links: G - PG13 rated fics can be posted as is, but R - NC-17 should be put behind a cut tag. Also, if your post is longer than 120 words, please use a cut tag so that we don't flood Members' Friends pages.
    If you want to know how to use a cut tag, go here:

  4. Remainders: Every eight weeks, instead of a challenge, we'll have two-week "Remainder" period. Which means, post whatever remains from previous challenges. Something that you meant to post to lawandorder100 but got too long; something that was originally posted onto lawandorder100 but then bugged you to lengthen it; something that you started to write for a previous thursday100plus challenge, but couldn't quite finish in the two-week period. Or whatever happens to be on your hard drive aching for an e-home. Even occasionally (gasp!) pieces that are more than 800 words long.

    We are affiliated with lawandorder100 (of course), 25_crimes, and pdficchallenge.